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Leigh Steinberg: Recovery

Leigh has had a first-hand account of how addiction can tear down someone’s life. After his own personal crash, Leigh has turned his life around. Now, on his 8th year of sobriety, he is on a mission to help as many people as he can get out of the grips of addiction.

In this talk Leigh describes his own personal downfall and all of the factors that pushed him towards alcohol including his marriage ending and his father passing away. He then details how he was able to pull himself out of it, work through the wreckage, and rebuild his life. For Leigh, focusing solely on sobriety and being a good parent enabled him to be able to get sober, restart his practice, and repair his personal relationships. For others, the focuses will be different, but the method will be the same. Identifying and focusing only on your core values and working day by day to rebuild will slowly result in sustainable success and sobriety.

During this talk Leigh explains all of the learning experiences and challenges he encountered on his road to recovery. Through these experiences, he provides advice on how listeners get through their own personal roadblocks in order to fully recover rebuild their lives. Leigh makes specific suggestions of organizations and methods available to assist anyone in recovery. The personal story of someone who was on top of the world, needing to fight back to regain his relationships and his livelihood inspires listeners as they face their own personal journeys to recovery.

For inquiries please email jay@steinbergsports.com or call (949) 270-2777