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Shaping Future Leaders

Leigh Steinberg: Shaping Future Leaders

There are more hurdles and obstacles to enter into the sports industry than ever before. In this talk, Leigh discusses these obstacles and offers unique insight on how to navigate and overcome them. He reflects on his early career and discusses the current landscape of the sports industry and where the opportunities for careers are. This includes working for leagues, teams, conferences, broadcasting, and many more.

Leigh arms listeners with the tools to be able to develop the proper skills that help differentiate people in this hyper-competitive industry. He also discusses the most important skill of all; Listening. Careful listening enables you to understand someone’s deepest anxieties and wildest dreams. Only then can you fully serve client and properly help them reach their full potential.

With those tools, he coaches listeners on how to separate themselves and execute on opportunities when they become available. The goals are to be unique and to avoid being just another resume in a never ending stack. Leigh provides insight on how to obtain an internship and how to actually succeed as an intern. He teaches how to get in the head of your supervisor and how to become irreplaceable to them. Leigh gives actual practical advice when most schools and courses are only lecturing on theory and principles. Listeners come away with a much deeper knowledge and understanding of the industry, and a plan of attack to follow their passions in sports.

For inquiries please email jay@steinbergsports.com or call (949) 270-2777