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The Business of Sports

Leigh Steinberg: The Business of Sports

Leigh has over 40 years of unrivaled success in the sports industry. This speech starts with an account of how he got his start and what sets him apart from his peers. His father’s core values of cherishing relationships, especially family, and making a positive impact in the world and help people who can’t help themselves have pushed him to success. Leigh encourages his clients to serve as role models and retrace roots to high school, collegiate and professional communities establishing programs, scholarships and foundations to make a meaningful difference in the world.

Leigh also discusses the field of agentry and, more generally, sports, and how it has grown and evolved. The growth of TV has triggered higher fees, which has led to skyrocketing revenues and increased marketing. He discusses the entrepreneurial opportunities that this growth has created and how to capitalize on those opportunities. An examples of his own success is his role as a creative consultant for sports motion pictures. Leigh’s involvement in the movies Jerry McGuire, Any Given Sunday, and For the Love of the Game. Leigh shares anecdotes and lessons from involvement in these projects that are equal parts entertaining and informative.

Leigh will also address the most commonly asked questions to agents while providing personal anecdotes and experiences throughout his career as the greatest agent of all time, representing 62 1st Rd NFL Draft Picks, including 8 first picks overall and 8 players in Pro Football Hall of Fame. Listeners get a first hand account of how to succeed in sports from someone who has been shaping the industry for decades.

For inquiries please email jay@steinbergsports.com or call (949) 270-2777