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August 2016 — Steinberg Sports Media Highlights

Paxton Lynch

Paxton Lynch won’t wait long to play quarterback for the Broncos

Paxton Lynch’s rapid improvement is paying off

Bet on Paxton Lynch  starting before other rookie QBs

Lynch ready for extended reps vs. Cardinals

Paxton Lynch is about to jump up Broncos’ QB depth chart with third preseason game on tap

Denver’s Paxton Lynch shows some of “that bounce-back ability”

Video: Paxton Lynch—Panini: 2016 NFL Rookies Get Ready To Hit The Field

Paxton Lynch: The Future Is Now for the Denver Broncos

Lynch meets Make-A-Wish recipient Daniel Hailpern

Paxton Lynch needs to start for the Broncos

Paxton Lynch shows off cannon arm in preseason debut

Paxton Lynch Highlights vs. Bears

Why Paxton Lynch is the Quarterback to Watch

Lynch to Start and Play the Entire Game Thursday Night

Paxton Lynch Poised to Take Over Quarterback Job During 2016 Season

Paxton Lynch making Broncos QB race a three-man affair

Paxton Lynch’s rookie haircut sure is something

Paxton Lynch is already earning some high praise at Broncos practice


Seth DeValve

Rookie Tight End Seth DeValve activated and ready to play

Seth DeValve explains how to miss the first 10 days of Browns training camp and remain prepared

Browns Rookie TE Seth DeValve, undeterred by injury, returns to practice field

Browns Rookie TE Seth DeValve is ready to prove he can play after his activation on Wednesday

Seth DeValve’s NFL Draft Pick Makes Princeton History

Seth DeValve hungry to play for Cleveland Browns

Browns Activate Tight End Seth DeValve; Eager To Contribute

Dan Vitale

Vitale’s Bucs Training Camp Diary: Part 2

Vitale’s Bucs Training Camp Diary: Part 3

Vitale’s Bucs Training Camp Diary: Part 4

Vitale’s Bucs Training Camp Diary: Part 5

Vitale’s Bucs Training Camp Diary: Part 6

Daniel Lasco

Saints Rookie Daniel Lasco revels at chance to play in front of family

Saints’ Daniel Lasco excited to play close to home

Play of the Day: Lasco trucks through defender

Leigh Steinberg & Steinberg Sports 

Super Agent Leigh Steinberg on Client Paxton Lynch

Video: Fox News Sports Court with Leigh Steinberg

Video: CNN Leigh Steinberg Super Agent: If Lochte, lied, he needs to apologize immediately

Video: Leigh Steinberg CNN International LA

Leigh Steinberg—92.9 FM ESPN Memphis: The Geoff Calkins Show

Leigh Steinberg joins Chip Franklin to talk about Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers’ prospects.

Leigh Steinberg The free-agency games that quarterbacks don’t play

Leigh Steinberg Seminar in Los Angeles For Athletes, Health, Concussions, and Its Impact on

The Athletes And Families

Steinberg Agent Academy

Leigh Steinberg—Yankees face new ear without Rodriguez

Video: Leigh Steinberg CNN Rio Robbery Scandal

Super Agent Leigh Steinberg discusses why he loved seeing athletes speak out regarding social


Leigh Steinberg Live With Zennie On Paxton Lynch, etc.

Video: Leigh Steinberg WCBC-TV

Leigh Steinberg Stops By Milk The Clock, Talks Bosa Holdout

Sports Agent Leigh Steinberg Speaks at Seminar on Health & Concussions in Los Angeles