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One of the tenets of our practice involves a commitment to become an agent of change.  At SSE we emphasize the importance of giving back to society.  Not only has Leigh played a pivotal role in the formation of countless charities for some of the biggest names in sports, but he has also directed more than $600 million to various charities around the world.

SSE continues Leigh’s philanthropic focus by working with clientele interested in giving back to the community, retracing their roots, and becoming role models.  We believe that it is extremely important for our clients to capitalize on their higher profile and develop organizations that further causes which are close to their hearts.  We work hand in hand with our clients to identify causes that they are passionate about and determine the best approach to make an impact in that area, with the ultimate goal of taking a client’s philanthropic dreams and making them a reality.


“Leigh is committed to using his success and the success of those with whom he works to strengthen community in America.”