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Leigh Speaks


Leigh will be the keynote speaker at the Live Passion Driven Conference on October 21st in Salt Lake City, Utah

For tickets and more information on this conference, click HERE


For inquiries please email jay@steinbergsports.com or call (949) 270-2777


Leigh Steinberg has been speaking to companies, organizations, conventions, schools, clubs, and groups for over 40 years. His speeches are equal parts informative and inspiring. Leigh has captivated audiences with his stories and anecdotes from his illustrious career representing 62 NFL first-round picks including 8 number one overall picks. He provides practical advice on various subjects and gives listeners real-world tools that can be implemented in many different businesses, social, and philanthropic situations.


  1. The Business of Sports

The sports industry is always growing and changing. Fully understanding the current landscape and how we have gotten there is essential to generate future success. Leigh will explain the current landscape while sharing anecdotes and stories from his illustrious career.


  1. Shaping Future Leaders

Being able to separate yourself from the pack is an essential skill in sports that every young person should know and understand. Leigh gives specific advice on career exploration, skill development, how to obtain a job in the sports industry, and how to succeed in it.


  1. The Art of Negotiating

Negotiating is about introspection, preparation, and getting into the heart and mind of your counterpart in order to obtain a win-win result. Leigh teaches his skills and tactics on how to successfully negotiate in all aspects of life.


  1. Making a Difference

It is possible for one person to make an impact in the world and to truly help people. Leigh is living proof of that. He gives insight on exactly how he was able to facilitate over $1 billion dollars to charities around the world and what kinds of things you can do to make a difference.


  1. Recovery

There is always hope for recovery. Maintaining optimism and focus can lead to a total personal transformation. Leigh’s own account of his comeback inspires and gives a detailed roadmap to people on their own roads to recovery.



 Christian Okoye, President of the California Sports Hall of Fame

“I have always told people that Leigh is one of the smartest individuals in his field. He has been around for a long time and still maintains his place as one with a wealth of knowledge in the industry. His speech at the California Sports Hall of Fame Induction clearly showed his place and knowledge. I have known Leigh for over 2 decades, and I have huge respect for him.”

 Ben Tack, Los Angeles Clippers Account Executive

“Leigh spoke at the inaugural Clippers Sports Law Night this past April and captivated the audience. Leigh took command of the stage and started storytelling. His stories not only involve people that everyone knows, but also provide insight on relative topics. He told stories that related to the topics at hand. The entire audience was hanging on every word, and were loving every minute of his stories. We asked him to provide some thoughts on the future of Sports Law in the Digital Age, and he used real-world examples of how technology was impacting his business. Leigh combines expertise, experience, and fun to engage the audience and teach lessons. Would love to have Leigh back next year.”

 Mark Francis, Distinguished Lecturer in Sports Business and Professor at UCLA School of Management

“Since our first meeting in 2011, I have had the distinct pleasure of engaging in numerous speaking events and opportunities with Leigh Steinberg within both academic and private sector settings. Throughout these experiences, I have had nothing but positive feedback from students and event participants alike. Leigh is consistently well prepared and is able to captivate his audiences with his vast experiences within the exciting world of professional sports. Moreover, Leigh has been a great friend to myself and to our Sports Business program at the UCLA Anderson Center for MEMES.”

Kathy Wall, Public Relations Director for Sierra Pacific Mortgage

“I had the privilege of hosting two separate educational seminars for Orange County Real Estate Professionals.  Leigh Steinberg, Sports Agent, Author, Lawyer and successful businessman spoke to a packed filled medium size corporate seminar center.  It was standing room only which created the need to do a second seminar.

As Leigh spoke, there was no doubt that we were listening to an extremely experienced, knowledgeable, professional, mature man of integrity and wisdom.  Leigh generously shared stories of his many years of attempted practices, those that failed and successfully proven negotiation skills.  He more than succeeded in his talk on that particular subject.  Leigh gave all the assurance that he had mastered and earned the reputation of “The Agent” and a superb Negotiator.

However, silence fell over the room as Leigh freely, openly shared his many personal and professional challenges.  He captivated the audience.  Many of us realized for the first time as to his dedication to the health and safety of his clients.  His commitment to change the way athletes protect their bodies by the use of innovative technological products and practices was enlightening and most commendable.

What impressed me the most was Leigh’s influence and determination to encourage his clients and others to be of service as volunteers to those in need.  He genuinely encourages, if not mandates his clients to know and understand the importance of giving, volunteering and helping those that have great difficulty in helping themselves.  This was huge!

Professionally, Leigh went above and beyond my expectations as a Speaker and provided many golden nuggets of negotiation skills to assist in the careers of those in attendance.  Personally, I know he touched hearts and souls and gave unexpected encouragement as he influenced many of us to assist in making our world a better place.”

Carlos Aguilar, Sergeant At Arms – Rotary Club of San Juan Capistrano

“I was very impressed with Leigh’s attention to detail. During our meeting, before his speech, Leigh took notes as people spoke and introduced themselves.  He is an incredible storyteller and he was able to weave those personal details that he wrote down and pull individuals into the words.  He had the crowd engaged like no one had before. He was insightful, funny and provoked many questions from the group.  He is a TRUE “Agent of Change” and continues to sculpt young athletes and communities with his hard work and dedication.”

For inquiries please email jay@steinbergsports.com or call (949) 270-2777