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Contract Negotiation

Winning with IntegrityDuring the four decades that SSE has dedicated to our craft, we have come to call some of the most elite athletes of this generation our clients, as well as our friends.  Our esteemed client list has included hundreds of elite professional athletes in football, baseball, basketball, golf, boxing, volleyball, and Olympic sports.  And beyond the clients, SSE has maintained the closest of relationships with some of sports’ most influential owners and executives.

SSE is known throughout the industry as the firm that has “broken the salary cap” time and time again.  We have introduced concepts such as Escalator Clauses, Voidable Years, Void Buy-Back, Split Options, and the Quarterback Premium to our clients’ contracts.  Our ingenuity sets the standard, maximizing opportunities for our clients and producing results like the Largest Contract, the Largest Signing Bonus, and the Largest Rookie Contract in NFL history.


“I enjoy dealing with Leigh. He comes more informed than other agents we deal with. His demeanor and his style are intelligent and logical and his case is well presented and well positioned”