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The Art of Negotiation

Leigh Steinberg: The Art of Negotiation

All of life involves negotiation. Whether it is buying a home or just deciding where to get dinner, negotiating is integrated into our daily lives. Parents negotiate with kids, husbands and wives negotiate, and we negotiate on behalf of our clients. Without the proper road map, negotiating can be an intimidating and sometimes daunting task. In this speech, Leigh reflects on his vast experience negotiating deals for his 300+ pro athlete clients and successfully securing over $3 billion for them. While discussing many of the principles from Leigh’s best selling book on non-confrontational negotiation, Winning with Integrity, Leigh gives a personalized step-by-step plan to preparing for, executing, and closing a successful negotiation in any field of business.

These steps include identifying your own goals and diligent research. Mastering the industry trends, the economics of the business, and even the trends, tactics, and goals of the individuals you will be negotiating with will result in a much more successful negotiation. The key is being able to get yourself into the heart and mind of your counterpart to truly understand their mindset and position. Leigh also discusses the need to establish a paradigm of cooperation, understand timing, and preserve the dignity and reputation of the other side.

A mock negotiation exercise is also available. This allows for a more hands-on approach to learning. Through this exercise, Leigh’s method can be put into action in order to identify one’s own weaknesses in negotiating. This enables listeners to learn about themselves and how they react in a practical negotiation situation. This all leads to personal growth and the development of new skills that can be brought back and implemented in any industry immediately.

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